Revitalizing and Reinvesting in
Local Communities.

Together with our clients, we’re building a more affordable home while revitalizing neighborhoods, now and for generations to come.

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Empowering Communities through Revitalization and Development

Revitalizing Neighborhoods

Our mission is to breathe new life into communities by instilling them with vitality and vibrancy through strategic development.
We aim to revitalize neighborhoods, ensuring that every family has a place
to call home.

Creating Opportunities for Affordable Housing

We empower communities by providing affordable housing options, fostering economic diversity and making homeownership dreams a reality for all.

Preserving Workforce

Strengthening the backbone of our economy by preserving workforce stability and constructing high-quality homes, we're committed to delivering lasting value
and craftsmanship to
our communities.

Building Healthy Community Partnerships

We work with local entities
to build inclusive, thriving environments, promoting social cohesion and economic vitality for
a brighter future.

The Opportunity


At our company, we offer a unique opportunity backed by a proven track record and a reliable model that consistently yields returns regardless of market fluctuations.


Across the nation, there's a deficit of new single-family homes, and My City Builders Inc. is dedicated to supplying homes to communities facing this need.


Quality developers such as My City Builders Inc. are in high demand but are hard to find in the market.


Investing with My City Builders Inc. offers investors the chance to access a compelling asset class, centered on addressing the underserved demand for rentals and new homeowners nationwide.

Business Model

My City Builders Inc. has strategically aligned itself with seasoned executives boasting extensive expertise in engineering, development, construction, finance, operations, and marketing.

Our recent venture into home construction in Alabama marks an important milestone through a meticulously planned Land Bank project. These residences, ranging between 1300 and 1500 square feet on average, are constructed with the intent of offering them for rental occupancy upon completion. Additionally, a portion of these homes will be earmarked for Section 8 housing, contributing positively to the local community.

The Land Bank projects will be structured as distinct Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs), each incorporated in the respective County where the homes are built. My City Builders Inc. assumes the responsibility of managing these properties, ensuring efficient operations and optimal returns.

A comprehensive set of services

We offer a full suite of services from design to completion, ensuring your project is seamless and tailored to your needs.

Our proficiency lies in aiding families in acquiring the benefits of owning or renting a newly constructed single-family home, while simultaneously revitalizing and reinvesting in local communities.
Specializing solely in transactions involving equity investments ranging from $5 million to $25 million, we cater to a niche market that is beyond the reach of local "mom and pop" developers while being underserved by  institutionally-oriented development firms.
By obtaining funding empowers us to meticulously seek out investment opportunities that align precisely with our criteria, setting us apart from local competitors who prioritize short-term deals.
Our model has demonstrated resilience, scalability, and adaptability across diverse geographic regions, showing particular robustness during challenging economic conditions and recessions.